This blog is for the 'Seedlings of Sisterhood' (ages 10-14)
and 'Little Butterflies' (ages 7-9)
that participate in our Saturday activities!

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Pics from the day 16 MARCH 2013

Some pics from the day. It was soo nice to be on the riverside! I think the girls will agree :)


1. Who joined our club last. Hint: it was on the ground
2. List the edible fruits that was in the brown bag.
3. The activity done with sister zakia was words, said by whom.

First Memory Questions! For. LITTLE BUTTERFLIES

1. What was the first piece of food Group 2 took out of their bag in the food game?
2. Who were the two people who didn't know how to swim?
3. What was the one problem we had with the hadith craft activity?